Thank you for joining us 08-08-19 for The Last Pig, a tale of compassion, at Crosstown Arts!

A happy place for pigs


Welcome to Pigtopia, a happy safe place for unwanted, abandoned and neglected pigs. We are a registered 501c3 non profit, and all donations are tax deductable. Currently there are 26 pigs here, ranging from one year to several years old, with potbellies and big pigs in the mix. Some are permanent residents, and some are available for adoption to the very best , well screened homes. Every pig that lives here is spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted litters at Spay Memphis. I am not accepting any new pigs at this time, to ensure the highest quality of care for the pigs we have. If you need help placing a pig, please contact me for resources and help networking!

All proceeds benefit the piggies living at Pigtopia!

Please consider donating for the 2019 winter hay drive!

Square Bales are $7

Bundles of 21 bales are $120

Straw is $5 Shavings are $5

Round bales are $60

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Ellie and Anna

Ellie was my first pig, and the catalyst for changes I never could have anticipated. She taught me compassion I never knew I lacked, and showed me how incredible pigs really are.


Ellie and Mercy

Ellie and her cat best friend Mercy have been featured on National Geographic's show "Unlikely Animal Friends", will be in an upcoming book, and a feature in Cypress Magazine