Meet The Piggies!

Every pig at Pigtopia is unique, beautiful and special in their own way. 26 bios will be added here with a photo and info about each pig. Sponsorships are available for each pig, and some piggies are looking for their forever family. Contact me with any questions! Every single pig here has been spayed or neutered, to prevent unwanted litters and over population.

Featured Pig: Hagrid


Hagrid went through a LOT before he came to Pigtopia. He was chased down, shot by animal control with a sedation dart, tackled and brought into a shelter with of barking dogs, concrete floors and staff who don’t have experience with pigs. He was already missing an ear and a good bit of his hearing, and upon coming here and going under sedation for his neuter, I discovered he had a grass awn (sharp seed) embedded inside his eyelid. He was extremely afraid of people, understandably! He’s very slowly coming around and after many many months, he let me touch him. More time went by and he actually let me pet his body and give him loves.

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Featured Pig:

Mr. Phoenix Felix



Bartlett was picked up by animal control and because he wasn’t neutered or socialized, he was acting out and the staff wasn’t equipped to deal with his behavior. Then, they ran out of space, and Bartlett was out of time. He came here, and slowly but surely came out of shell and has become SUCH a sweet boy! He loves to sit for treats and gives me gentle kisses.



Anna was found wandering the streets of Memphis, TN with 8 approximately 2 day old piglets! She was fostered for some time with the fantastic Dr. Oleson, until she came here with her 5 remaining kids. Since then, two more of her group have been adopted to forever homes.



Sponsored by Stetson! Mulder and Scully were just tiny babies when they came to me, having been saved from squalor and inevitable death. Now they are joyful, thriving piggies full of love! Mulder's favorite food is watermelon, and his favorite pastime is snuggling.



Fergus is one of 10 kids Bambi had a month after arriving here. He's extremely loving, and his best friend is Reggie :)



Eleanor Pigby... the one who started it all! Ellie and her best friend Mercy have been featured on National Geographic's show "Unlikely Animal Friends", Best Friends magazine, and most recently in the local Cypress Magazine's pet section, coming soon!



Sponsored by Kelly! Scully is the class clown! She's always "busy" and "nosy" and absolutely loves to carry sticks, water hoses and anything else she can find around. She's also a dedicated helper when it comes to chores... she loves to be right in the middle of everything. She is also a very special MAPLE pig!



Sponsored by Lori! Bambi was dumped in my neighborhood. She had a ring in her nose, which is an incredibly cruel (and ineffective) way of keeping pigs from rooting up dirt. One month later, Bambi gave birth to TEN piglets! 3 have since gone on to adoptive families, while 7 are still here. Bambi loves her kids and is fond of pumpkins :)



Oliver is one of the sweetest pigs on the planet. He is gentle, kind, and loving. He was rescued with his mama Opal and brother Quincy from a petting zoo, when he was on the verge of dying from e.coli, mites, mange and several other issues.


Chub Chub (Luna)

Sponsored by Kelly! Chub Chub was abandoned by her family in the dead of winter in belly deep snow, outside of Kansas City, MO. She was rescued by an amazingly patient and loving pig mom named Cassandra, and came to live with me a couple of months later. She's a very shy girl, pretty much only trusts me, and adores tomatoes. :)



Panda has been here two years this month. He is a precious, kid loving fella. I'm his 4th home, and his forever love. He adores snuggles, coconut oil and more snuggles.



Reggie is the class clown. He’s the most vocal and talkative of all the pigs here! He’s Bambi’s biggest kid, and also the biggest snuggler. This guy demands a spot in my lap regardless of how big he is!



Sebastian stepped in and took over the role of “Dad” to Bambi’s piglets when they were born and showed them the ropes, ever kind and patient. He was abandoned in Bartlett when his family moved and fended for himself for a couple months before coming here. He is the only pig with blue eyes at Pigtopia!

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